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2015 Los Angeles Road Trip

In August we rented a van and drove 6,000 miles round trip to LA for a German Family Society dance festival and back.  Our first and last two days each direction were all about getting miles on and getting through the less interesting states.  We didn't make any interesting stops and didn't take any photos.

August 2015:

2nd Colorado Springs

3rd Arches National Monument

4th Utah Rest Stops

4th Bryce Canyon

4th Zion National Park

5th Las Vegas

6th Manhattan Beach

7th Santa Monica

8th & 9th Los Angeles Donauschwaben (11 Pages)

10th Huntington Beach

11th Grand Canyon

11th Meteor Crater

11th & 12th Lost Dutchman State Park - Page 1

11th & 12th Lost Dutchman State Park - Page 2

12th Roadside Sagauros