David, Joan

& Svea



37th Annual Christmas Kelly Bash


Forty-two relatives strong!


Forty two people attended the 37th Annual Christmas Kelly Bash

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The silly version

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Joan's cousin Sean who brought his children up for the fun.


 Joan and her cousin Ri who brought her husband and daughter from Connecticut. 


 The basement was filled with "play stations" and even though we have three girls, we managed to find some pretty good "boy toys"  With fourteen children (under ten) the  basement was a lifesaver.


Maris and Vincent play Playmobil Pirates.



 Once the same height as her sister-in-law, Harriette has shrunk an amazing thirteen inches since last year's bash.


Cousins Katherine and Marie enjoy the Air Jumper in the garage.


Sean, Bill and Pat also enjoy the Air Jumper in the garage.


 Ri and her daughter, Katie, maneuver the "Infamous Porch Step" sure to trip most visitors under the age of four.



As Joan demonstrates how to apply lipstick...Sean wonders why he is in the kitchen.


 Kathy and Gerard wonder why anyone would take their picture while eating.


 Kevin, his mom Annamarie, and his girlfriend, Mary watch slides of past Bashes.


 John, Sean, Dave and Hat in the porch.



 John and his girlfriend, Rose.


 Brian and Ri and the Twelve Days of Christmas.


 Katie says," You talk'in to ME?"


 Toddler conversation.... presumably about cookie lollipops.



 The line was forming for Annie's famous back massage.


 Julia and her boyfriend, Patrick.


 Apparently Kathy smells good.


 Katie and her Grandpa John.



 Harriette, Kevin and Mary play their version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.


 Kathy and Pat at the dining room table.


 Is this a Demonic Air Jumper or is this a flash through red plastic anomaly? - you decide.


 The Beading Station was a popular stop downstairs.



 Lucky James gets some help from his big brother P.J.


 Marie plays Playmobil Princesses.


 Katherine begins the Annual Christmas Bunny Hop.


 From youngest to oldest, the children took turns hitting the Ice Castle piņata.  Annika, being the youngest, got to go first.



 Elyse and her Daddy were next.


 Looks like a ballet lift.


 Elyse enjoyed her turn.


 Annie holds James for his swings.



 Big boy Conor can stand on the floor and still reach.


 Marie enjoys her two hits.


 Erin sends it flying.


 It was Svea  hit that opened up the bottom - confetti and a few treat bags flew out.



 Maris finished the job, all bags were on the floor.


 Even though the candy was out, the older kids got their turns. - Vincent swings hard and Brian cringes.


 Kaelin, with the one armed swing - David (in pink) still hides.


 A very short, yet refreshing, nap for Annika.  She was up partying very late.



 Apparently the details in Jenny's story were pretty graphic.


Brigitta and Elyse became fast friends.


 Elyse practices her "Princess Smile".


 Still working on it.....



 Erin and Katherine discover the craft shelves.


 Rose, John, Kevin and Mary.


 Annika and Kathy share some quality time.


 Mary and Kevin in a great nighttime shot.



 It got so late that all the little ones put on their pajamas.  Brian holds a tired James.


 Erin and Katherine discover the dress up bins.


 Maris and Indian Princess Kaelin play Pirates and Indians.


 Svea proudly shows off her 80 or so "little men".



 Kevin knows that "shiny purses" are a must for the Holiday Season.  Photo by Svea.


 Katherine enjoying the Bash.  Photo by Svea.


 Svea took this photo of Conor who was apparently tearful because Svea wouldn't  "share" her camera with him. 



All in all, a wonderful night with wonderful people.  Our family has grown large over the years and the love we share and the enjoyment we have with each other is always apparent.


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