David, Joan



39th Annual Kelly Bash


Thirty-three relatives strong!


Thirty three people attended the 39th Annual Christmas Kelly Bash

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 Two movies from the Bash can be found on our movie page


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Shy kicks off the Bash with her rendition of, "Stop, in the Name of Love".


"The itsy-bitsy-spider went up the water spout..."


Being our resident thespian, Shy acts out the famous shower scene from Psycho.


Annika introduces Spot to Theresa


"Hey kid, you eatin' MY shrimp?"


Kevin is the first to try Margaret's "Barbequed Hamster Legs"


Joan greets visitors at the door with her rendition of "Old Man River".


Hi Gina!


Bill was impressed by how long Gina could balance a giant cube on her head.


"Go Speed Racer!"


Octogenarian Stare Down - Who will blink first!


Every time Rose blinks... Nana shrinks.


Margaret refuses to participate in this year's "Chest" contest.


Kevin won the Talent Show with his rendition of: "Hello My Honey, Hello My Baby, Hello My Rag Time Gal".


"Hey Macarena!"


"No Uncle bill, I DON'T want to smell your finger...."


Kevin escapes from the Pit of Despair.


But you must try my invisible cookies!


"... 19, 20, Ready or not, here I come!"


Julia, Ryan and Theresa


"Mary will never know...  I spiked her drink with Ex-Lax"


"You won't believe this, every time I blink, Aunt Harriette shrinks!"


Harriette reads her Green Tea Poem (Movie Link)


"... and that's where babies come from..."


"Hi Five", Auntie Hat, "Hi Five".


"Back in my day we didn't have Pepsi One, we had Pepsi Negative One, and it came in a hollow rock."


"...and that's what we did to Elizabeth's last boyfriend..."


It was 67 degrees that night.  The kids played Hide-and-Go-Seek outside, barefoot.


Katie, Svea and Annika shared the downstairs toys.


Kevin and John relive the 80's.


Ken retells of his exploits as a Brazilian WWI fighter pilot.




































Kathy confirms "a very good vintage of Champagne Party Poppers".


Theresa confirms, "a very good vintage of Pixie Stix".


Rubik's Cube solved


"You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?"


I don't understand why these two lovelies don't want their pictures taken.


Shy threatens David with a Purple Nurple while Harriette prays she is successful.


After finishing the Annual Kelly Bash Jitterbug Competition, Gerard, Jenny and Mary take a much deserved rest.


Colin participates in the dining room Body Building Championship.


Svea, known for beating dead horses, karate kicks the dead piņata.


Joan drives, Kathy ties a noose, Maris consumes a Bit-O-Honey while John counts his teeth with his tongue.


Theresa and Annika become best buds.


It's "Johnny Walker"


Gerard always leaves just as the party gets wild.






The Odd Squad


Margaret sinks to Mary's level


"I'll see YOU out on the lawn!"


Bill congratulates John and Rose on their engagement.


Mary says, "Well, Italian parties are so much better than your Irish parties."


"Watch it sister, or I'll pop you with my arthritic handgun."


Katie wants in on the cousin hug.


Annika and Katie hug farewell.


"I love you THIS much!"


Annika Hall - spreading the love!


"Oh, all right.  If we HAVE to.