David, Joan



Papa's 90th Birthday Costume Party


Thirty relatives strong!


Thirty people attended Papa's 90th Birthday Costume Bash

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Scheduled for a Friday night, so as not to conflict with trick-or-treat, a costume-mandatory party was thrown to honor Papa's 90th birthday.  I mean, what better way to ring in your 9th decade than by dressing like a gold shirt wearing Dracula?  Papa, ever the good sport, allowed Joan to go all out.  The rooms were heavily decorated, the food sported ghoulish descriptions, and the guests dressed in their Halloween finest.  We even introduced a game dubbed "The Embarrassing Game". 

With plenty of food, sweets, and a fair amount of "spirits", I think all, including the birthday boy, had a great time.






 Birthday Party Movies:

Papa's 90th Birthday Slideshow ~ 10-31-09  ~ WMV ~ 4 minutes, 32 MB

Papa's 90th Birthday Movie ~ 10-31-09  ~ WMV ~ 10.5 minutes, 156 MB (THIS IS HUGE!)

The Embarrassing Game ~ 10-31-09  ~ WMV ~ 36 minutes, 442 MB (THIS IS HUGE!)


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