Dimond High School Class of 1984 - Google Earth


   The Placemarks on this Google Earth KMZ file represent the “Located” Dimond High School Class of 1984 classmates from the http://www.classreport.com/usa/ak/anchorage/dhs/1984/ web site.  Not included are the 125 “Missing” classmates, our deceased classmates, and a few “Located” classmates who gave phone numbers or email addresses, without a residency location. 

   Placemarks are based on classmates’ reported place of residency as of the summer of 2004; it is likely that some people have moved without updating their information on the web site. 

   For privacy issues, no Placemarks are exact.  Many Placemarks are in the general neighborhood of the person indicated, while many others are in the city of the person indicated.

   This Google Earth KMZ file is compressed and is a whopping 23 kb. 

Click the link below to download the KMZ file:

DHS Class of 1984 in Google Earth

 After unzipping it, double clicking on it will launch Google Earth.  You must have Google Earth installed for it to work, however.  If you want to keep it drag it from your “Temporary Places” folder to your “My Places” folder.