Hazel (King) Hall




Hazel (King) Hall was born on May 23, 1910.  Her mother, Margaret died 1918 during the epidemic of 1918.

After her mother died, Hazel helped care for her younger siblings, Alice and John Gordon King. She was very close to her mother's sisters.  Hazel graduated from Lowell High School in about 1927. She worked in the "dime store".  She met Richard Hall on the sidewalk outside the Pawtucket Congregational Church.  They eloped and married Oct 20, 1930. They first lived on Chelmsford Street, a few blocks from her childhood home.  Two depression sons were born: Richard King (0ct 31, 1931) and Robert Ayer (Sept 19, 1933).  The family moved to another low-rent area, 68 Lane Street which was a second floor, poorly heated apartment with strict landlords who charged $11/Month.  After WWII, they bought their first home on Glacial Avenue for $5,500. Hazel was an avid reader, devouring 2-3 books at a single setting. She also liked card playing and bingo. Her brother often came to play pinochle on rainy days when roofers could not work.  She also liked the annual two-week vacations to Hampton Beach, NH with the Aunts and the family. A favorite pastime was riding around the countryside and travelled with Richard all over New England in his cartridge business.  She was fascinated with her few trips to Alaska, especially above the Arctic Circle.  She died in Nashua, NH on Sept. 30, 1986 of Renal Failure, secondary to Cervical Cancer.