Richard Hall




Richard Ayer Hall was born at the family home at 81 Varnum Avenue, Lowell, Massachusetts on July 29, 1910. He died  at age 85 of heart failure secondary to Coronary Artery disease on March 9, 1996 three days after moving into a residential home.


Richard graduated from Lowell High School. (C1927) and eloped with Hazel King to Pelham, NH on October 20, 1930.  He joined the Mass. National Guard.  Radio was first a childhood hobby as later a vocation.  Though he had only a High School education, he taught Radio Engineering for the Navy at night school and at Lowell Textile Institute.  He worked in radio/TV repair for many years (Ray's Radio Shack and Gaumont Brothers) and later as an engineer for several radio/TV stations in Eastern Mass. After retirement, he began a home cottage industry, repairing and rewinding radio cartridges for stations throughout New England and beyond. As an amateur radio ham, he held one of the longest continuous licenses in the US (WIQF). He was active in the Congregational Church as a child and later the Calvary Baptist Church which he eventually joined after his mother died. He also belonged to several Masonic bodies.  The family lived in Lowell until 1955 when he and his wife moved some 15 miles out of Massachusetts to Nashua, New Hampshire. He was frugal! He was a frequent visitor to Connecticut and Alaska.  Richard had one brother Elliott Webster Hall. He married Flora Glow.  They had one daughter, Judith Lucille who was born January 31, 1943.