William Joseph Wilsterman Sr.



William Joseph Wilsterman (Bill), son of William and Marie Wilsterman, was born in Barberton, Ohio on October 28, 1919.He grew up there, attending schools and graduating from Barberton High School in 1937. After graduation, he was employed at the Diamond Match Co. and later at the B & W Company.


In March of 1942, Bill enlisted in the Army Air Force. Before he was called to duty, Bill married Alma Violette. Alma was born in Akron, Ohio on November 17, 1923 to Charles and Eva Violette. Later that year Bill reported for active duty in World War II. As an Air Force Cadet he was trained as single engine pilot and graduated in 1943. Later in Indian Springs, Nevada where he was a First Lieutenant, he served in the Gunnery Training Command. Bill flew P 39 and P 63 fighter planes. On October 1, 1943, the Wilstermansí first child, William Jr. was born. Two years later, on March 22, 1945, Jean Marie entered this world.†† Bill was honorably discharged in l945 when the war ended.The family then moved back to Barberton, Ohio.


Bill returned to his job at the B& W Company for a while and then worked for his father-in-law, Charles Violette, who had an insurance and accounting business.Bill enrolled in the University of Akron and studied accounting.On April 23, 1947, another son, John Charles was born to Bill and Alma. In 1954, Alma decided to enroll in Kent State University to get her degree in education.After her graduation, she became a teacher at the Middle School in Tallmadge, Ohio.She taught school for just five months when she developed leukemia and died February 4, 1958.After Charles Violette decided to give up the accounting business, Bill opened his own accounting firm.


On June 27, 1964, Bill married Harriette Kelly. After her marriage, Harriette worked in Billís office until she became pregnant and had their daughter, Joan Marie on June 12, 1968. Harriette became a full time mother.


In 1973, Bill became Treasurer of the City of Tallmadge. He served for 8 years as Treasurer while still keeping his accounting firm.Later, when one of his employees died, Harriette returned to Billís office and continued to work there until he sold his business in 1998.


In 2002, Jean Wilsterman Mathers died and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Akron, Ohio next to her mother.


The grandchildren now number ten:

William Jr. (Sharon) : Brian, Jason, Sarah and Sonya (William is now married to Nan)

Jean (Wilsterman) Mathers (Richard) :John, Holly, Terri

John (Janis) : Kira, Luke (John is now married to Jean)

Joan (Wilsterman) Hall (David) : Svea, Brigitta, Annika


As of February 2008, Bill has five great grandchildren

Grandchild - Brian Wilsterman: Kirsten and Noah

Grandchild - Jason Wilsterman: Alexandra

Grandchild - John Mathers: Ryan

Grandchild - Holly Mathers: Elaina Hanson


Bill and Harriette sold the family home in Tallmadge to Joan and David Hall and Bill and Harriette now live with them and Svea, Brigitta and Annika.


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