Letterbox # 1

Adell Durbin Park Arboretum, Route 91, Stow, Ohio

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At Adell Durbin Park:
Be sure to notice the awesome carved Native American statue at the parking lot.

From the parking lot, follow the Nature Center signs to the left and down the hill.
Pass the Naure Center.
Just past the Nature Center take the yellow trail to the left. (At the wood railing)
Go uphill on the narrow trail.
Cross through the meadow, along the tree lined path to the wildflower meadow.
Stop at one of the lookouts and enjoy the flowers or birds here.
Continue on yellow trail past the bench and straight into the woods.
Continue past several yellow trail markers and past an apartment building just to the right of the woods.
The trail will turn 90 degrees to the left.
Go past the "Wild Black Cherries" sign post.
Stop at the interection of the red and yellow trails.
Take 25 steps straight ahead down the yellow trail.
You should see a "V" tree just to the right of the path. (A tree with one trunk that splits into two near the ground)
Turn right at that tree.
Take 25 steps, going past the "V" tree and ending at a hollow broken tree stump about four feet high. There will be a small, but perfectly round boulder very near the stump.
At the base of this stump is an opening that has been covered by some scrap bark.
Remove bark and find what you seek.

Please use stealth when locating letterbox and please put back all contents and bark "door" so it will be just as you found it.

Good Luck, have fun and please contact us when you find this LB and give us a status update! Thanks!


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