Cator Woolford Gardens at the Frazer Center


   This webpage has been popular; I think many page hits have come from search engine results.  We also have had a number of emails from engaged couples in the Atlanta area requesting the location of Luke's and Marian's Wedding. 


   The location is Cator Woolford Gardens at the Frazer Center in Atlanta.  Their address is: 1815 Ponce del Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA, 30307.  Phone: (404) 377-3836 (ex 25)



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Luke's and Marian's Wedding

Joan's nephew, Luke Wilsterman, married Marian Bonner on June 2, 2007, in Decatur Georgia.

It was an early evening wedding held in a beautiful garden underneath a cloudy, but rainless sky.



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Joan and the girls waiting for all of the guest to arrive.


Kira and John were both members of the wedding.



The stunning bride was escorted down the aisle by her parents.  The father of the bride later joked that his wife had to accompany him to make sure he "went through with it".


Marian and Luke exchanging vows.




...and rings.


Because outdoor weddings often require them, paper fans were available to all guests.  The weather that day wasn't overly warm and the breezes kept most cool.  Annika just thought the fan was neat.


The Hall girls in their wedding finery.


The Hall Clan.


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Portraits and Cocktails


Left Front: Harriette & Bill Wilsterman ~ Left Back: Jean & John Wilsterman

Center: Marian & Luke Wilsterman

Right Front: Ruth & Vernon Carter ~ Right Back: Janis & Kira Wilsterman


Kira, Luke and their grandparents.


Svea and Britta adore Marian.  Here they admire both her dress and her bouquet.



Janis and Harriette, finished with picture requirements, head to the reception.


Papa and Nana smile for the camera.


Before the reception, there was plenty of time and room for the girls to run and explore the grounds.


Here Svea and Ellie are finding leaves to toss from a bridge into a small flowing stream.


Svea, Annika, Brigitta and Ellie picking clover blossoms to add to Marian's bouquet.


Ellie with clover blossoms.


Papa Bill and three of his four children, Joan, William and John.


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Nana congratulates Marian on a lovely ceremony, dress, and reception.  Papa just smiles at the camera.


Kira, Luke Joan and Annika.


The next few pictures are some of our favorites of the whole day.  We love the expressions on everyone. 


The speech given by Marian's father, Jim, was quite funny and very well received by everyone.  The family's expressions are priceless.





Ruth Carter and Nana have known each other for many, many years and apparently still share a secret or two.


Two Beautiful Grandmas.


The First Toast.


The First Dance.


Cutting the cake.


How happy we all were to see "the nice" feeding of the cake.  Marian is far to pretty to have cake on her face.


Brigitta "got the party started" by being the first on the dance floor.  She was able to dance all night and only really tired at the end.


It was like she was on a stage ...


Brigitta partnered with everyone she could or danced solo.  She had a wonderful time and slept late the next morning.


Kira, Brigitta and Svea danced while Joan and Annika swayed to the music.




"You Know You Make Me Wanna Shout"


Two pictures of John and Jean dancing to two different slow songs.  One taken by David, one by Joan.



By the time David began dancing with Anni, she was so tired she became almost expressionless, yet she wouldn't leave the dance floor.


A nice slow dance for Brigitta and Kira.


Brigitta and yet another partner, Jean.


Svea and John dancing to "Shout".


A quiet moment in the reception alcove.  Annika is begging to go back in.


A shot of a tired girl made to pose with a bouquet of flowers.  She was barely able to stand at this point, I don't know what kind of picture we thought we'd get.


I like the "curve of people" in this picture.  They wrap around the table with only one noticing the camera.


Nana and Svea


Sleepy people picture one.


Sleepy people picture two.


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Though shown out of chronological order here, the picnic was actually held on Friday night in Decatur.


Marian and Luke.


Marian, Svea and Bella (Luke and Marian's boxer)


This picture is amazing in that Svea is shown actually petting a dog.


Obviously something is funny ONLY to Joan.



Kira teaches Annika to drive the school bus.


Svea and Britta playing the "red dirt" of the ball field at the picnic.  Red dirt is a new thing to them.


Brigitta enjoyed making "magic" by throwing the mysterious "red dirt" around.


Even the smallest in our group was enchanted by Marian.


William, Joan and Annika feed the mosquitoes at the end of the picnic.


"On your mark"


"get set"




Only Brigitta was lucky enough to find the magical moonlit cave in the bushes.


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