The Essentials for Basic Blogging


Password Page.doc     Blog Intro.ppt - Create your blog here.  Wow, that was easy!  Five minutes of simple "what you see is what you get" and you're up and running!  (New blog account PowerPoint) - Sample and basic instructional page on blogger - blogspot  #2 - Upload pictures and link them to your blog.

(Flickr/Yahoo account PowerPoint) Flash - Upload movies and link them to your blog.

(YouTube account PowerPoint)


Other Blogish Options - Webhost for your own website.

This is the only non-free service on this page, but the potential is unlimited. 

You will need to create and manage your own webpages from scratch. - Create your own page on MySpace.  Many ads, errors, slow loading, confusing, but extremely popular.

(MySpace account PowerPoint) - My awful space on MySpace.  Seriously, this was an terrible experience.  After two hours I'm still confused. 

That was worse than Edline! - Similar idea as MySpace, but it works with less errors and is less confusing.  I also found it much easier to find people I know on Facebook. - What are you doing? 

Let family and friends know what you are doing now with micro-blogging! - My high school class page (as a sample).  A great, easy and free service that allows classmates to set up class and individual pages.


Education & Sample Blogs - The Hall family website & blog. (My site/blog)

Top 100 Education Blogs - This is almost two years old, but is still a great source of education related blogs.

Educational Blogging - Article: Uses for Blogging in Education & What blogging does for students.

Wittig Family Blog - Sample family blog at

This is my sister's family in Juneau, Alaska.

Rich Owen on MySpace - Sample MySpace Musician page. 

Rich is an old friend from Colorado who is now a country singer.


My Favorite Free Software

My Favorite Free Software - Short descriptions and links to download sites for my favorite free programs



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