The IHM Photography Club project that I had my students work on this month was "Photoshopping" themselves into existing photos taken off of the Internet.  The pictures bellow are samples that Joan and I made for the introduction.  The picture directly below is in PNG format with a transparent erased background so that it easily be pasted into any picture.  A bit of shadow adds an almost convincing look to many pictures.


Here's the original, taken from atop the Butte in the Matanuska Valley in 2006:


Here I am at Yalta; the Big Three found me to be a great help with strategy.


Here I am on Everest with a couple of wimps who needed coats and oxygen masks.


Here I am enjoying a nice fire.


Here I am witnessing the Hindenburg disaster.


Here I am playing B-ball with Lebron James.


Here I am with my lion friends.


Here I am on the moon; wish you were here.


Here I am that time when I was very tiny.


Here I am at the North Pole.  Who needs a coat?


Here I am with my penguin pals. 


Here I am having fun at a riot.


Here I am with the Rockettes and Santa.


Here I am with the Space Shuttle Discovery Crew.


Here I am about to goose Ol Tiger.


Here I am at some Mayan ruins.


Here I am spoiling a romantic moment.


Here I am that one time when I really should have been paying attention.


Here I am right before I got kicked out of the Village People.


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