The Orton Effect


   The Orton Effect is a computer generated post processing effect that can give an ordinary digital photograph a painterly glow.  The effect is achieved by creating more than one layer of the same photo, blurring one layer, and merging the two layers back into one.  Many settings can be adjusted to create different looks.  Often colors become richer, contrast increases and everything seems to take on a dreamy glow.  Several guides can be found on the Internet that show how to achieve this effect with Adobe Photoshop.  Although this software is generally accepted as the best and a standard among professionals, it's cost is prohibitive for many amateurs, especially us poor amateurs.  I have recently found a fantastic and competitive freeware program that is capable of doing much of what Photoshop can do; I highly recommend Paint.NET.  New Vista computers do not come with a decent photo editing program; I've been using Paint.NET at home, in my computer classes at school and with my after school Photography Club. 



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Homer Harbor, Alaska - 2006


 Homer Harbor - brightened and burned layers


Homer Harbor - burned layers


Homer Harbor - darkened and multiplied layers


Homer Harbor - original



 Hatcher's Pass & Independence Mine, Alaska - 2006







 Nikiski Creek, Alaska - 2006




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