David, Joan & Harriette


40th Annual Kelly Family Christmas Bash - 2009-2010


Forty one relatives celebrated the 40th Annual Kelly Bash on Saturday night. There was food, fun, laughter and good times.  It was wonderful to gather everyone together for an evening.  Our next gathering will be at Shy's house in June.....(ha)

Here's a three minute video of the kids smashing the piñata.


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(No one holds a pose like Rachael!)








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Bash Candid Photos


"The first rule of Pillow Fight Club is: you do not talk about Pillow Fight Club"


Annika: "That means that... our whole solar system... could be, like... one tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being.  This is too much!  That means... one tiny atom in my fingernail could be...  Could be one little... tiny universe!"

"And then I ever so quietly put the quarter under their pillows and take the tooth..."


Whenever there is food involved Leanne's Claw and Harriette's Evil Eye inevitably emerge.


Aunt Pat administering Last Rites to Shy who was finally "done in" by Vegetarianism


"The second rule of Pillow Fight Club is: you wear lingerie only."


John gives Rachael assistance in screwing her head back on.


Rachael and John doing the Cell Block Tango


Margaret is fed up with all the tangoing and screwing in the kitchen.


Sean, Margaret and John "eagerly" await Shy's ending of "Old Man River".


Mary, having yet another "fabulous" time at the Kelly Bash.


"Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?"


Kevin and Brigitta taking the Christmas Carol Quiz....Brigitta won.


Jenny says, "Two down, one to go"


Punk Snowman standing guard over the dessert table.


Joan is happy to welcome Rachael home from prison.


"... and here's where I sawed through the bars... and here's where I tied up the warden..."


Girard and Pizza Face.


Annika gives the best hugs.


Then all began to hide from the Evil Blue Monkey.


Jenny, Scott, Chris and Aunt Pat participate in the Kelly Bash Séance.


Erica and Theresa complete the snowman craft.


Svea is thrilled to find the "hidden Easter Basket" among the coats.


All have eyes for Pictionary.... except Scott.


Christmas Carol Pictionary.


Shy and Leanne try to ignore Rachael's Batman impression.


Pictionary Part Duex


Elyse and Brigitta


Brian and Joan begin the waltz.


Ryan, Elyse and Erin line up to hug "Cousin Margaret" and throw things in her drink - seriously!


Tiny Bubbles....


"Really Dahling! I was sure the fashion forecast called for striped not checks."


Having fun blowing bubbles across the room.


Proving once again, the Kelly Bash CAN be fun for the young'ens.


Theresa experiences John's "bubble blow-back"


Scott contemplates which of his right hands he should use to greet Mike.


One likes Goose Island, the other likes Heineken; it will never work out.


"After two drinks my right arm always goes up like this and my head always cocks down to the right like this; but I'm not worried because I usually only stay like this for a couple hours."


Katherine, Evil Blue Monkey and Brian wish everyone a happy 2010.


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