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   This site is about a family of seven, ages 11 to 96 who live in Tallmadge, Ohio.  Our household consists of David and Joan Hall, our three daughters, Svea, Brigitta and Annika and Joan's parents, Bill and Harriette Wilsterman (AKA: Papa and Nana).  I (David) was born and raised in Alaska and studied art/photography at University of Alaska, Fire science in Hawaii and elementary education in Colorado.  Joan has degrees in architecture, interior design and science from Kent State, Ohio.  I met Joan on a beach in Hawaii on March 12, 1995; by the end of the day I told her that we would be married.  Joan and I fell in love in Hawaii where we kayaked and hiked regularly.  After a four month road trip from Arizona, to Alaska to Ohio, we settled in Colorado and were married.  Joan put her architecture and interior design skills to use at a small architecture firm.  I studied education in graduate school in Denver and got a job teaching first grade in Colorado Springs.  Svea was born in 1999 while we lived in Woodland Park, Colorado.  In 2001 we decided to move to Ohio so that we could be closer to Joan's parents.  Brigitta was born six weeks early and only four days after we arrived in Joan's parent's home in Ohio.  We enjoyed the company and mutual support of Joan's parents enough that we decided to permanently reside together.  In 2002 I was hired to teach technology at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish School in Cuyahoga Falls.  In 2005, Annika was born 11 weeks premature.  Joan now teaches a two-year-old preschool class at Treehouse Preschool in Tallmadge.  We all enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, photography, creating art and visiting Alaska.


Our Family

The Hall Family PhotoBlog  

The Hall Family's day to day events in pictures and text.  Last Update: December-2018 

The Hall Family Movies  

Over 650 Movies online! Over 100 hours of video!

Last Update: January 2018

~ Old Photoblogs by Month ~ 

Listed by month, from December 2005 to present. 

Our movies on YouTube - Some of the same movies that you'll find on our movie page, at a lower quality but faster connection speed. (Offsite)

 Alaska 2014!

 German Family Society Index

The Wilsterman and Hall Family Trees - 67 people represented!  Updated 3-9-08  

Annual Kelly Bashes

Last Update:  1-2-2018

The Good Old Days  ~ All kinds of pictures from our past.  Last Update: 11-23-2013  

Colorado ~ Joan and David's first seven years of marriage and Svea's first two years.  (1995 - 2001)

Brigitta Kelly Hall's Birth  Born: 12-15-2001

Britta's birth and first year. 

Bill's War Biography  -  A brief description of how Bill piloted target planes in WWII.  Several pictures included. 

Annika Ingrid Hall's Birth  Born: 3-4-2005 

Born at 29 weeks

Brigitta's Harry Potter Birthday Party - June 2010

Anniversaries & Birthdays: of the immediate Hall and Wilsterman families. 

Hall & Wilsterman Family Recipes

Last Update: 12-23-08 

Photo & Art

Fake Dioramas - Real pictures altered to look like dioramas.  Last Update: 8-1-07 

Over 30,000 Views!

David's College Pictures ~ David's pictures from studying photography in college at the University of Alaska.  (1986 - 1991) 

In Living Color ~ Our full color family visits a black & white Alaska! View in 1024 x 768 Res. ~ 5-12-2007

The Orton Effect - Some of our old pictures with a dreamy look.  1-1-2008 

Milk Drop - Macro photos of milk drops splashing into coffee and more. ~ Updated 2-18-2008 

Our pictures on flickr - Some of the same pictures from this site with public comments. (Offsite)

Joan's handmade Christmas cards 12-26-11 

Cards from 1994 to 2011.

Svea's & Brigitta's Artwork  

Last Update: 6-1-07 


Not a webpage about parachuting a cat. 

Over 10,000 Views!

Cars ~ David's old funky beater cars from Alaska and jumping a $50 Chevy Luv truck. 

Thousands of Views!

Listen and watch David's dad sing:

"The Thing (Boom Boom Boom!)

Old Hat - New Hat  

Read the Berenstain Bears Classic with Harriette as "Hat".

Tallmadge Nordic Center (Ohio) - The Worst Cross Country Ski Area Anywhere!  

Run Saydee Run on YouTube - A funny clip of my parent's dog chasing a treat that she is actually pulling.  300,0000 Views!

Where's Dave?  (Stupid pictures of Dave)

~ 11-17-2007



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Audio Files - Joan Reads Stories 12-15-08

Letterboxing is like a treasure hunt to hidden boxes with hand carved stamps which you use to stamp to your own booklet.

Luke & Marian Wilsterman's Georgia Wedding

June 2nd 2007 Thousands of Views!

Hall Family Fairy Houses

Last Update: 10-6-07 Thousands of Views!

Where David & Joan Hall Have Lived in Google Earth

Use Google Earth to view the 28 places that David and Joan have lived.

Garden Journal - A planting and harvest record for northeast Ohio ~ 4-30-2008

Updated: 11-27-2008 

Download, see and use our favorite sites on a webpage with picture icon links. 

My Favorite Free Software - Short descriptions and links to download sites for my favorite free programs

School Days

Joan's 20-year high school reunion photo

(Archbishop Hoban High School) 10-7-2006

David's Elementary School Class Pictures

Dimond High School Class of 1984 Reunion Photos

Dimond High School Class of 1984 in Google Earth

An interesting sociology experiment: how far do 250 + high school graduates migrate in 20 years?

Dimond High School Class of 1984

David's high school class web site

Over 30,000 views

1980's Dimond High School Cross Country Running


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Alaska Wittig Family Blog

David's sister's family blog

Charlie Bader

David's best friend in Alaska

John Wilsterman - Beneath Juliette

Joan's brother's newest book

Rich Owen - An old friend from Colorado.  He used to fly satellites for the USAF, now he's a country singer.

Steve Smith's Blog - A friend of ours from GFS.  Much ASP tech stuff and book reviews.  I hope I never know as much as Steve, my head would explode.

Bob Stovern - An old friend from Alaska.  Great photos from Colorado.

German Family Society of Akron - This is the club we belong to and where we dance.

Keith Krasnowski - David's cousin's website - air racing, aviation cartoons, hot rods and birds.


Liesl and Michael - Detaille Island Antarctica.  Liesl and Michael's blog about their conservation work at  historical "Base W" on Detaille Island Antarctica.

Kraz' Amazingly Awesome Alaska Adventure

Keith Kraznowski's new Alaska travel blog

Open Air Design -Architectural design studio in Boulder Colorado run by our dear old friend Cesar Gellido




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World War II Korean War Roundtable

An Akron Ohio area veteran's group

Treehouse Preschool in Tallmadge Ohio

Joan and Annika's school

techwisekids.com - Where I plan to put my lessons, guides and rubrics.  Also the home of guides for: "Browser Based Mixed Media DVD Yearbooks"


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IHM DVD Yearbook Media Guide for Yearbook Staff


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