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Bash Photos

WMV ~ 1-2-11 ~ 7.5 minutes

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Bash Pinata

WMV ~ 1-2-11 ~ 7.5 minutes

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Bash Time Lapse

WMV ~ 1-2-11 ~ 1 minute

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41st Annual Kelly Family Christmas Bash - 2010-2011


Smaller in number this year due to illnesses, nevertheless the Bash was its usual noisy, raucous success.  So to be balanced and fair to all, everyone will be subjected to the same unnecessary comments and ribbing that always accompany these pictures.



David, Joan


Our piņata this year, a Santa Spider.  Some said it looked somewhat like cousin Dave.  (See below and judge for yourself)



Too many secrets behind those eyes E, too many...


The smallest member of the Bash pleads to removed from the Ball Pit of Death.


Harriette and Mary discuss the benefits of being old and short.


Really Joan, the wearing of the food usually doesn't happen until much later in the party.




Kevin and Alex share some of each other's food.


Apparently whatever Kevin ate from Alex's plate isn't agreeing with him.


Brigitta asks, "How much does Chub-a Lub weigh?"



...and then (hic) one of the meatballs (hic) just rolled up (hic) my arm...


Maris is NOT THRILLED with Papa's war story, but apparently Pat is.


No Annika, we will NOT be building PINK castles!


"Did you get some food from dinner on your hand"


"Nice to meet you, I'm Brian Kelly, CIA operative"


"Hello, Brian Kelly here, Indy car driver"


And hello to you, I'm Brian Kelly, anchorman"


Mary and Harriette discuss that nice "Indy car anchorman" at the party.


Looks like Pat spilled the beans about Brian.




"You mean my dad's really not a CIA Indy driver anchorman?"


You smell that?  What IS that?




Mmmm, all sorts of delicious dinner left on these fingers.



Putting Auntie to shame.




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O.K., only two of these five have remotes and should be playing this game...


Really, someone should tell those people in the back, they can't win that way.  Only TWO remotes people, TWO REMOTES!




Invisible Hula-Hooping at its finest.


Hee, hee, somebody glued Scott's and Jenny's heads together - again.




Hey   Hey Hey Theresa, it's Dance Party, not Guitar Hero.


John says. "No Elizabeth, you put your RIGHT hand in and you shake it all about...."


...and she sizes up the crowd.....which one will it be.... will she choose the right mother?


She did!!!  She picked the right one.  Good Job!


"wake-up dear, this party is only half over"


Ken trying to beat Ri while sitting down.


Ken, still beating Ri while sitting down.


Ken, ladened down with Katie, still manages to beat Ri.



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Group Photos






We are so NOT Home Alone!




The Von Kelly Family singers (with jam and bread)


Would the "Real Batman" please stand up?




"You" have to sit through more awful photos.


Everyone praying this photo shoots ends soon.


Piņata Time


















Someone tell Jenny....Scott's coming out of the closet!



Uh, oh, looks like she just heard!


...and then in my dream there was this GIANT SPIDER that looked like cousin Dave...


Bead conspiracy.


Bead conspiracy plus one.


Nothing mean to say about four generations of beautiful women!



Joan locks Leanne in the spider's "death grip".


Svea, begins the wildly successful "Glitter Diet"



Nana is shocked as Bri contemplates the decision of Super Gluing her finger to her lip.


Elyse says, "What do you mean this isn't on the Glitter Diet?"


Santa Spider knows how to party.


Joan, plotting evil again.



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