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Blog #58



Matanuska Glacier Hike


   On Thursday we visited the Matanuska Glacier.  We ate lunch at the Long Rifle Lodge (thank you Bill).   Road access to Matanuska Glacier is on privately owned land and requires a fee (thank you dad).  Hiking on the glacier is a unique and memorable experience.

Matanuska Glacier from the State Park just off the highway

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Svea and Brigitta with musk-ox and bear at the Long Rifle Lodge




Annika discovers French fries


Our family and all four grandparents at the glacier trail head

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On the muddy trail to the glacier


I bet out party included the youngest (Annika at 16 months) and oldest (Bill at 86) folks on the glacier that day.  One side of the glacier is covered with rocks and silt.


Papa and Nana sure are good sports for octogenarians.


It was actually much warmer than we expected and dressed for.

Two years ago we were cold on the glacier because it was fairly windy.



Hamming it up




A different perspective.



Up to the highest point in the safer child friendly area


Exposure is tricky with so much near white ice and clouds


Annika had fun; self portrait by dad


This high mound was as far as we went


Svea had trouble with so much brightness


Bellow: fisheye views from the glacier




All of our hikes seem to end with wet and muddy kids who end up stripping before entering grandma's Honda.  Annika always crashes out.


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Blog #57



Welcome Bill and Harriette


   Bill and Harriette arrived late Tuesday night - Wednesday morning.  They had a long day of flying with two stops.  One stop was in Minneapolis where Holly (Bill's granddaughter) and Wendell were able to meet and visit them at the airport.  Holly is expecting a girl in October.  Holly's sister, Terri, is a flight attendant and also was able to visit before catching her next flight. 



   Jet lag and a short night's sleep didn't keep Bill from joining the Ohio Halls for a foggy walking tour of Independence Mine.  We drove up into the clouds and saw the Hatcher's Pass area and mine in a different light.










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Blog #56


Happy Fourth of July!


Today we went to the Wasilla Fourth of July Parade


Annika had a blast


In the Matanuska Valley you can throw an old freezer in the back of your old pick-up truck, make a card board sign and you've got yourself a genuine ice-cream-truck!


We took the girls back to Freedom fireworks for a last chance at pony and slide rides


   Yesterday we drove up to Summit Lake at Hatcher's Pass and hiked around. 

Seven Halls at the Summit Lake

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Brigitta Playing at a pond near Summit Lake (above and bellow)




Joan helps the girls across a stream


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Blog #55



Independence Mine Cross Hike

(Once again, I hope you have broadband...)


   This morning Grandpa Hall cooked his traditional sourdough pancake breakfast for the family; Annika gobbled them up as quickly as I could cut them.  After breakfast we attended Grandma's and Grandpa's Presbyterian Church.   After lunch we hiked to a cross on a hill that overlooks Independence Mine at Hatcher's Pass.  Once again the weather was great (by Hatcher's Pass standards) and we all had a marvelous time.  Grandma Hall made a fantastic "Barron of Beef" steak dinner; all three girls were unusually quite because they were so busy eating.  We concluded the day by visiting my brother's fireworks stands and all of their attractions.  Rob's children were helping with the attractions so the five cousins had a chance to visit. 


Daddy & Annika - self portrait


The Hall Family at the cross

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The Hall Family at the cross - close up


Annika & Joan, Snow & Clouds


Svea and Brigitta once again enjoyed the snow


Fisheye view from the cross hill


The other direction


Close up


This still-occupied cabin was built in 1938 and is at 4050 feet; the parking lot is at 3500 feet


Daddy and daughters


My good old friend, Kelly Hebert, from my elementary school days and my old VW bus from my college days.  Kelly helps out my brother at the stands with the more artistic projects for a few days each summer.  He is now a kindergarten/first grade teacher.


The pictures below are at the "Free Pony Rides" and "Free Slide Rides" at Freedom Fireworks.  During a lull at the slide Robyn took a break and slid with Svea and Brigitta.  They slid, and slid, and slid until Svea got a bloody nose from crashing into Brigitta.  Obviously the girls had a blast.










My old Batmobile and the spectacle of  Gorilla Fireworks


Freedom Fireworks - more of a carnival than a spectacle


Groovy Fireworks, AKA "Lil' Gorilla", AKA "Discount Fireworks"


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June 25


Ohio Hall Family

Departs Ohio 5:05pm

(NWA Flight #1857)

Arrives in AK


(NWA Flight #851)


Rotary lunch - Dad & David


Jet-lag recovery




Independence Mine Lake Hike






R & R

(Rain & Relaxation)





Garage Sailing with Grandma

Uncle Mark visits

Wasilla Wonderland Playground

 July 1

Independence Mine Cross Hike






Summit Lake at Hatcher's Pass with Mom and Dad





Bill & Harriette  Depart Ohio


(NWA Flight #865)

4th Parade - pony & slide rides


Bill & Harriette  Arrive in AK


(NWA Flight #4101)

Toured Independence Mine with Bill


Hiked Matanuska Glacier






Hiked "Hang Gilder Hill" at Hatcher's Pass





Attending the "Talkeetna Moose Dropping Festival" (we should make the parade by noon)



Trip to Anchorage -

Hillside -Flattop  Lake Hood and Point Woronzof




Whittier Glacier Tour (Thanks Bob!) - leave home @ 9:00

12:30 Portage tunnel

1:30  launch

Home - late


S,B & A's 4 grandparent - dinner in Anchorage


Bill & Harriette  Depart AK 1:00am (NWA Flight #842)

Arrive in Ohio 1:25pm (NWA Flight #2828)



Wittig Family Arrives in Haines 10am - then driving to Wasilla











Homer Spit Camping trip


Homer Spit Camping trip


Homer Spit Camping trip




Ohio Hall Family Departs AK 9:40pm

(NWA Flight #844)


Ohio Hall Family Arrives in Ohio 11:51am

(NWA Flight #1704)



Wittig Family








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