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Blog #282


Jungle Room

  School has started but I seem to be spending all of my time on the girls' jungle room.  I made a triple decked-staggered bunk bed that sports a single rod walk in closet underneath and a three door-seven shelf grass hut closet.  Joan has been painting a jungle mural on the walls.  We are not done, but we are getting close.






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Blog #281



Marietta, Ohio

On Tuesday Papa and Nana joined us for an overnight visit to Marietta Ohio.  We went for a ride on a sternwheeler riverboat, the Valley Gem, up the Ohio River from where it meets Muskingum River.  Below is a shot of the Becky Thatcher, with the sternwheel of the Valley Gem in the foreground.




Brigitta stayed cool, and then some, in the splash zone of the paddle wheel.





We stayed at the Lafayette Hotel, shown bellow with the blue awnings.




Watching for boats near a small park across from the Lafayette Hotel.



Old phone booths in the Lafayette Hotel.  We had to explain what they were to the girls.


The girls at a tie down chain.


After a great dinner at The Gun Room, we went for a sunset walk.  The shot below was taken from an old rail bridge that now serves at a pedestrian bridge.




Sunset - looking straight down Ohio St. from the river-sidewalk.


Sunset - intersection of Front St. and Ohio St. from the river-sidewalk.


Sunset - fountain at the end of Ohio St.


The Lafayette Hotel.


We had a very nice suite; the sofa below pulled out into a bed for the girls.


The bedroom was through the glass door.


On Wednesday morning we drove across the Ohio River to Fenton Glass.



On the way back we walked halfway across a bridge for a view of Marietta.  The girls ran back and fourth across the border a dozen times so they could say they ran from Ohio to West Virginia twelve times in one day.


Nana at the piano in the lobby of the Lafayette; she entertained a few dozen guests for an hour or so.


The girls in the lobby of the Lafayette.


We drove across the Washington Bridge to the Village of Hammar and up to a lookout that overlooks Marietta.


Five bridges near the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.


St. Marys Catholic Church in Marietta


The Washington Bridge.


On the way home we sought out three covered bridges.  The first one was at the the Washington County Fairgrounds; I think it may have been relocated since it looked out of place.  This is the Bell Bridge not far from the Washington County Fairgrounds.  This was the only one we could drive across.


The Harra bridge was much bigger.  The road now takes a new bridge almost next to this one.


View from one of the Harra Bridge windows.


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Blog #281




Warbirds at the Summit

Last Saturday Bill and I were out garage sailing and noticed an event at the Corsair Model Aircraft Club in Tallmadge; we stopped by to check it out.  I still can't believe that this 38 year-old club is being kicked out of its location.  The Metro Parks Serving Summit County director-secretary Keith Shy (Chief Nazi In Charge) thinks model airplanes are too much of a threat to the Munroe Falls Park activities and expansion plans next door so he cancelled their lease.  I've decided to boycott my Munroe Falls Park; the model airplanes next door won't hurt park activities.  This is a suburbia park; its not like flying model planes in the middle of Denali National Park.  I think that the Corsair Model Aircraft Club is very cool and will miss seeing the model planes flying as I drive home from work and occasionally stop by to watch.  I wish we could vote Keith Shy out of his position.




This Huey apparently had a real jet engine.  The detail and workmanship was amazing.


Fourth Annual Backyard BBQ

We had scheduled our annual backyard for Saturday but postponed it to Sunday because of rain.  It was toned down a bit.  We skipped the lawnmower races and many other games but we still had a great time and nice visit.

The kids painted plywood squares that will be screwed onto our play structure.





Happy Tenth Birthday Svea

Svea turned ten on August Seventh.  All that she asked for was a flint stone, Cool Whip and a new jungle themed bedroom.







We went for a late night hike.  Below Brigitta releases a firefly.


Alaska Blogs

I'm overwhelmed.  I/we took 14,000 pictures in Alaska and I fell way behind on my blogging.  I've decided to jump ahead to the present day and "retroblog" as I get time.  The blogs and edited photos will come, in time.  We had a great time in Alaska, but that's another blog, or two, or three.  Links to old blog entries can be found at the bottom of this page.


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