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   We finally have snow and the family went sledding yesterday on my super-duper home-made sled.  On the way to Monroe Falls the Volvo began chugging while rounding a corner.  It also chugged a bit as we entered Monroe Falls Park; we were running out of gas.  We made a few great runs; everyone had a blast.  The sledding conditions were very good, but far from perfect (cold, clean & hard-packed).  With better conditions I think that we could make it to the lake.  I brought the Canon along and filmed our runs; be sure to check out the movies on our movie page.  When we left the car chugged a bit out of the parking lot; I shut off the engine and coasted down a major hill to conserve gas.  As we neared the top of the last hill before the intersection of Howe and 261 I shut it off again and coasted up to the light.  When the light changed I restarted the motor and the car chugged across the intersection at less than 5 mph.  I got the car up to about 20 mph and shut the motor off again just as we crested the hill past the last horse farm; the big downhill gave as a good boost of speed and we were able to coast up to Atwood Drive at less than 5 mph.  Once again I restarted the engine and chugged onto Atwood Drive at a crawling pace.  The car completely stopped less than 100 feet up the road.  We walked the last block and a half home.  I retrieved a half a gallon of gas from the shed, walked back to the car, dumped it in and drove home.  It was still a great time.

Daddy and daughters, ready to slide.


At the top, ready to go.  Front to back: Brigitta, Svea, Annika, Joan & David.


Joan turns Anni around on the sled. 

Note where our sled stopped and the green line where most other sleds stop.

Click here to view in 1024x768 resolution.


"Off the Charts"


   Since Annika was born so early, she qualifies for a state run Early Intervention Program called Help Me Grow. The ladies used to come monthly to check out Anni’s progress and leave ideas for us to work with her. Last September they and we decided that Annika was progressing at such a quick pace, we didn't need to see them monthly. Even though we expected her to be at least two months behind in her abilities for another year or so. Her skill level had matched and in some areas exceeded her chronological age. We reduced the Help Me Grow visits to every six months. Last Monday was her latest check-up. The ladies said her language abilities were “off the charts”. They said they saw three year olds who couldn’t communicate as well. Her motor skills were at two years old or just slightly above. We are so surprised and feel so blessed. She continues to amaze us. We anxiously await her daily surprises.


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Blog # 101




Breaking Ice


   I went for a paddle today; it was really more of a scoot.  I had to push my way across a couple hundred yards of ice just to get to open water.  Even then there was very little open water to paddle through; but I got to play ice breaker.  Look for a movie on the movie page. 

Sitting on ice, heading toward the tunnel.


On the other side of the tunnel, breaking through the ice.


Chunks on flooded ice.

Annoyed swans


We went to Plum Creek yesterday.  It was chilly; even the ducks and geese were gone.



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Blog #100!





   I attended a diocesan meeting in Cleveland on Tuesday.  I arrived a half an hour early and decided to walk toward Lake Erie to see what I could see. 

Spire of Cathedral of St John the Evangelist from the 5th floor of the Diocese parking garage.


Great Lakes Science Center to the left and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the right.


A pigeon heading for the Cleveland Browns Stadium.


The Galleria


Building near The Galleria


A Channel 5 reporter and cameraman in front of the Galleria




Key Tower through an ally


Rock & Roll Boulevard and Rockwell Avenue


Cathedral of St John the Evangelist - Built in 1848


After the meeting it was still light out so I decided to see more of the city.  I walked down to Public Square to see if I could find a high rise with an observatory. 


Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument and the BP Tower at Public Square


Key Tower from Public Square


The Cleveland Federal Building and United States Courthouse - 1910

(Also known as the Old Federal Building)


Old Stone Church (Presbyterian), Built in 1855


   I learned that there are no public observatories in any of Cleveland's high rises.  The top (57th) floor of Key Tower, however, is being remodeled.  This is the highest occupied floor of any building between New York and Chicago.  The pictures below may have been taken from that floor.


View of Cleveland Browns Stadium from Key Tower


View of Terminal Tower from Key Tower (Cuyahoga River in the background)


View of BP Tower from Key Tower (Jacob's Field and part of Quicken Loans Arena on the right)


View South from Key Tower (Quicken Loans Arena and part of Jacob's Field on the left)

Click here to view/download this picture in 1024x768 resolution.


View East from Key Tower (Lake Erie and Burke Lakefront Airport on the left)

Click here to view/download this picture in 1024x768 resolution.


Downward view East from Key Tower just before the battery on the Canon died.

Click here to view/download this picture in 1024x768 resolution.


East side of Key Tower

15 minutes later the Canon had built up enough juice for a couple more shots.


Cleveland Public Library - Louis Stokes Wing - 1997


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Blog #99



Farewell Ruth Jefford

   While I was in college my parents moved from Anchorage to Wasilla. Their neighbor and good friend of nearly two decades recently died. I got to know her well; she was an amazing person.  She was the first woman to earn a pilot’s license in the Territory of Alaska and was the first licensed female instructor pilot in Alaska.  Ruth was the concertmaster and violinist for the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra for several decades.  She owned several sailboats and had sailed from the inside passage a few times. When I knew her she owned an ice-sailboat, four airplanes, a BMW Isetta and two Opal GTs.  Online obituaries tend to disappear over time; I've placed a copy on our site here.


   Svea and Brigitta have been to seven skating lessons so far and seem to be enjoying themselves.  Look for a 24 second video of them skating on the movie page; it's nothing special but will work as a good "then" clip.  Note their different styles; Brigitta quick-steps and Svea single-leg-kick-glides.  Regular side to side skating will come in due time.


   We sold our first item on eBay last night.  The process works well; it's almost easier than we thought.  We plan on listing several more things this weekend.


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Blog #98



Kayaking the Cuyahoga

   I've heard that you can't paddle UP the Cuyahoga; its too fast.  I've even talked to people who have failed to get up it in motorized skiffs.  Today I paddled one and two-thirds miles up the Cuyahoga River.  Recently we have experienced a deluge of rain and the river is pretty high and fast.  Portions of the river are running as fast as I can paddle in an all out sprint.  Much of the river has flooded just into the woods on its banks.  The water runs much slower through these trees and I took advantage of the slow water whenever possible.  In other portions of the river the banks were lined with older fallen trees and I was forced into the fast center.  It was fun and a bit exciting, but I think I still enjoy lakes more.


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Blog #97




Happy New Year!

    Yesterday I went kayaking on the East side of Mogador Reservoir.  I brought a camera along and thought I'd save some money by shooting in black and white.  Last week on the West side of the reservoir I saw 56 swans; this is the most that I have ever seen at once.  It's been in the 50s and has been absolutely beautiful out. 


Because these pictures are black and white they get cheesy-artsy titles instead of captions.



Swan Lake

Click here to view/download this picture in 1024x768 resolution.


 Log Inlet

Click here to view/download this picture in 1024x768 resolution.


Kunta Kinte

Click here to view/download this picture in 1024x768 resolution.


 Kayak in Reeds

Click here to view/download this picture in 1024x768 resolution.



 Reeds Without Kayak

Click here to view/download this picture in 1024x768 resolution.


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