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Tree View

Tree Lickers

Happy Fourteenth Anniversary David & Joan

Ready for the Opera

Ready for School

Merry-Go-Totter Fun

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

Oktoberfest Sunday

Oktoberfest Saturday

Portrait of Grandma and Grandpa by Svea

Grandpa Turns 77

Miniature Golf

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We support Ron Paul for President 2012.  

I think the founding fathers would be very disappointed in what has become of the American government and its leaders; we now have a corrupt empire that largely ignores its own constitution and tramples on individuals' liberties.  The founding fathers would like Ron Paul, however.  Congressman Paul consistently votes no on issues that are unconstitutional. If elected Ron Paul will end our wars, close our hundreds of military bases across the globe and end our unsustainable, financially irresponsible empire.  Ron Paul has more support from US troops than all other presidential candidates combined!  Dr. Paul is critical of government corruption and believes in protecting whistleblowers.  As a congressman, Paul does not participate in the congressional pension, has never voted to raise congressional pay and as President he would draw a salary of just $39,336, which is the median salary of the American worker.  Paul believes the War on Drugs is not working, is a waste of money, and violates citizen's personal freedoms.  Congressman Paul has never voted for: raising taxes, an unbalanced budget, a federal restriction on gun ownership or an increase in the power of the executive branch.  Paul is the only presidential candidate proposing a viable balanced budget.  He voted against: the Patriot Act, the TARP bailouts, regulating the Internet and the Iraq war.  Search YouTube for " Ron Paul predicts " to see how Paul has predicted many of our current major problems and crises years or decades before they happened.  Please do not waste your vote on the status-quo; elect Ron Paul for US President in 2012.  - David & Joan Hall


Miniature Golf

9-22-2010 ~ Blog #349 ~ David.


Last Saturday all seven Halls and Annika's class bear played miniature golf.
















Grandpa Turns 77













Portrait of Grandma and Grandpa by Svea



To church



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Oktoberfest Saturday

9-13-2010 ~ Blog #348 ~ David & Joan.


  In spite of rain on Saturday night, this year's Oktoberfest at the Akron German Family Society in Brimfield was fantastic.  The kids and all four dance groups performed exceptionally well and attendance was record-breaking.  Our girls had a lot of fun dancing which shows in their stage presence and smiles.  Several people commented on how they were a joy to watch. 



















These are the mother and daughter Kindergruppe dance teachers


Oktoberfest Sunday























Empty Kegs


Brigitta with the new neighborhood kitten




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Grandma and Grandpa Visit

(and they came bearing gifts)

9-7-2010 ~ Blog #347 ~ David & Joan.

Grandma and Grandpa have been visiting for the past week.  Tomorrow they head to Massachusetts for my father's 60th high school reunion.  They will return in a week and stay with us for another week.




Merry-Go-Totter Fun

The girls and friends playing at the Merry-Go-Totter and Treehouse.



Ready for School

The mornings are cool and crisp, but we've been taking the Stang with the top down no matter what. 


Ready for the Opera

I went garage sailing with Mom on Saturday, two of my finds are pictured below.


Happy Fourteenth Anniversary David and Joan

Yesterday we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  Grandma and Grandpa Hall cooked a lovely roast beef dinner.



Tree Lickers

Some joker told the girls that a certain species of tree tastes like either vanilla or strawberry.  We noticed afterward a Google search left open for: "tree bark that tastes like vanilla or strawberry".  I think they were on to us.






The girls with all four grandparents.


Tree View


Svea climbed the pine tree behind the neighbor's shed to take this picture.  Wish I could say this was our yard!



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