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Matanuska Glacier

Alaska Railroad

Alaska Zoo

Anchorage Hillside

Governor's Picnic

Wasilla Airstrip

Alaska Live Steamers

Wasilla Airport


Wasilla Airport

7-26-2009 ~ Blog #374

(Retroblogged on 2-13-2011) ~ David

A few HDR photos of flying boats and rows of planes at Wasilla Airport.



A 1940's Republic RC-3 Seabee




I believe this is a 1950's Grumman Albatross






Cessnas and Pipers




Alaska Live Steamers

7-26-2009 ~ Blog #373

(Retroblogged on 2-13-2011) ~ David

Near the Wasilla Airport is an impressive large miniature railroad manned by volunteer railroad enthusiasts. 

We viewed the sites, rode on the train and had a great time.







Next to the model railroad is the Alaska Transportation Museum where this old DC3 lives.




Wasilla Airstrip

7-24-2009 ~ Blog #372

(Retroblogged on 2-13-2011) ~ David

I know how to get to this airstrip near Wasilla, but I'm not sure what it's called. 



N2355H & N107AK



Beautiful Super Cub N4229Z





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Governor's Picnic

7-24-2009 ~ Blog #371

(Retroblogged on 2-13-2011) ~ David


My father spoke and introduced Governor Palin.  The event recognized local families who have members in the armed services.  Current governor, Sean Parnell also was present.







Anchorage Hillside

7-23-2009 ~ Blog #370

(Retroblogged on 2-13-2011) ~ David


This first photo shows the view from Glazanof Drive, next to the last house I lived in before I moved to Hawaii.




Flattop (above) and the beginning of Powerline Pass (below)




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Alaska Zoo

7-23-2009 ~ Blog #369

(Retroblogged on 2-13-2011) ~ David


Before visiting the Alaska Zoo with Uncle Mark, Sheryl, Becky and Michael we served a sentence at Chuck-E-Cheese.  I served my time in the fetal position, sucking my thumb.



The Alaska Zoo



A musk ox at the Alaska Zoo:



Alaska Railroad

7-23-2009 ~ Blog #368

(Retroblogged on 2-13-2011) ~ David


Alaska Railroad Engine 4317 stopped in Wasilla




Matanuska Glacier

7-21-2009 ~ Blog #367

(Re-retroblogged in 1024 resolution on 2-13-2011,

Originally retroblogged in 640 resolution in April 2010) ~ David


   We had a great time on the glacier and the weather was reasonable.  Glaciers suck up warmth from quite a distance; being directly on a glacier is always somewhat cold.  It wasn't raining or very windy and we could see some blue in the sky which makes pretty decent weather for the Matanuska Glacier.  On the way home we ate at the Long Rifle Lodge and pulled over a few times for photo opportunities.  I took 1,100 pictures that day; the girls too another 177.  My total was so high because I shot many bracketed set of seven shots with the intention of producing HDR photos as can be seen further down.  Below are my favorite 37 shots.




















Matanuska Glacier in High Dynamic Range:













Long Rifle Lodge







The Matanuska River and Kings Mountain (The pointy one, above-right)



Confluence of the Chickaloon and Matanuska Rivers.  

Note the translucent bluish green color of the Chickaloon and the silty grey opaque color of the Matanuska.



While I took roadside pictures I would amuse the girls by wearing this huge fro.  They got a kick out of watching the reactions of drivers gawking at the Jamaican taking pictures.



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