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Mom's Old Homes
Homer Odd Shots
Diamond Ridge
Homer Dry Dock
Kachemak Bay Overlook
Homer Harbor
Homer Spit Derelict Boats
Homer Spit Shops


Homer, Spit and Harbor

(Page 2 from Homer - 105 photos)

7-28-2009 ~ Blog #376

(Retroblogged on 2-20-2011) ~ David


    The Homer Spit is a five mile long, narrow, gravel piece of land that sticks out from Homer, Alaska into the middle of Kachemak Bay.  The Spit is jammed full of: a major harbor, small tourist shops, fishing charters, kayak tour companies, a campground, hotel, condos, canneries, derelict boats, sea life, sea birds, people and the one of the highest concentrations of Bald Eagles in the world.  I love Homer and I love the Spit.  "Page 1 from Homer" had photos of the beach; this page contains photos of shops, derelict boats, the Homer Harbor and a few other shots from around the Homer area.


Homer Spit Shops

Cosmic Kitchen, Hackle Shack, Caroline's Handmade in Homer, Lighted Forest Candle Factory & Sully's Dockside


Salty Dawg Saloon



Salty Dawg Saloon



Buttwackers - Anni refused to be in this picture.  (At least the youngest shows some class)



Alaska Custom Seafoods


In the Salty Dawg I spoke with the owners of the motorcycles who rode all the way up from Indiana and Kentucky

(Parked in front of the Land's End Resort - Hotel)


The Better Sweater & Homer Clayworks


The Roadhouse


The Better Sweater


Coal Pt Trading Co


Lazerette - White Tile Earth - one of Joan's favorite stores in Homer



Local Showcase, Spit Sister's Cafe & Spitfire Grille


Salty Girls






Homer Spit Derelict Boats



















The only house on the Homer Spit.



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Homer Harbor

(Boat names for Google indexing)


Short sleeves at the Homer Harbor.  Every time I visit Homer I take few walks around the boat harbor.  I love looking at the boats and for some reason am thrilled by fishing boat photos.  The photos below are from three or four walks to and around the docks.




The girls are running because the picture taking was over and we could go to dinner!





Silver Storm Holly H & Primus











Welcome Homer Boat Harbor

Caution! & No Wake!






Augustine & Miss Diane






Puk-Uk & Silver Storm




Polaris, Shark & United


Dory AK 1060 L & Republic


Anna Lane & Angelique




AK 1060 L


Mary Dell, Sizzler, Irish & Orion




AK 1060 L



Silver Storm




The Danny J - Kachemak Bay Ferry







Krustatan & Arctic Seal


Current, Ashtikan, Dream Catcher & Jomel



The Star


The Star & Republic


Nuka Point



Mary Dele - Pilot Boat


Puk - Uk






Puk - Uk, Cutthroat & Maple Leaf


Homer Harbor at Dawn







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Kachemak Bay Overlook




Homer Dry Dock


Cut in Half


Mitzi Bee & Silver Streak


Pampero, Elma J. and Arctic Monkey


Arctic Monkey



Diamond Ridge







The Spit from a few miles away.  The harbor dominates the Spit.  The derelict boats are to the left of the first visible bend in the road.  Past the harbor are the condos that are next to the camp ground.  To the left of the condos is Lands End Hotel.


Homer Odd Shots


A funky cabin near the dry dock.


Shots from a Mexican restaurant in Homer.  I messed up the white balance/color and was using an old film manual lens; at F1.8 I missed the focus more often than not, but these shots capture the joy of getting in from the cold for the first time in a couple days.





Mom's Old Homes


My mother used to live near Anchor Point.  The first cabin has been abandon and is falling apart and overgrown.  I spent a few summers here and would often hike through the woods to the beach from this cabin.



I helped build this cabin below:




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