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Oliver! Opening Night

Oliver! 2nd Show


Happy Birthday Svea


Oliver! August 12

Oliver! August 13

Tallmadge Light Parade

August Construction

Svea's Rope Ladder

First Day of School

It takes a Village to Raise a Beam

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It takes a Village to Raise a Beam


8-28-2011 ~ Blog #404



The neighborhood, and a few relatives, helped us raise the 450 plus pound main ridge beam that spans the cathedral ceiling of the addition.  I've been building this beam after school this week.  It is made from a 25 foot 14 X 1.75 inch Versalam engineered glulam beam that has an eight foot diagonal seam (in order to change pitch from the porch to tie into the house roof) and four 13 foot 12 X 1.75 inch Versalam engineered glulam beams screwed and glued to the sides.  I used about a gallon and a half of glue brushed over 50 square feet of surface area, a few metal fasteners and over 300 three inch galvanized screws.  The extra height of the 14 inch beam over the 12 inch beams will allow the five inch wide ridge vent to breath properly.  The beam sits on columns that are 12 foot eight inches tall.

The beam raising pretty much went as I planned and took about 10 minutes.  We needed every man and woman present; it was physically more challenging than I expected.




















First Day of School

8-23-2011 ~ Blog #403



Today Annika, Brigitta, Svea and I began school.  Below Annika greats our new awesome priest, Father Singler.



Annika, Brigitta, Svea, our principal, Mr. Hardesty and Father Singler



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Tallmadge Light Parade

8-22-2011 ~ Blog #402

(David & Joan)

This Saturday the girls marched in the second annual Tallmadge Light Parade with Tallmadge Dynamics Theater.  Afterward we all enjoyed fireworks.








August Construction


Chopping off the original house eves.



The gable end center columns and door frame.




Framing the garden wall.



Svea's Rope Ladder



For years one of our trees has been sporting: a tire swing, a climbing rope, a block and tackle pulley system and one side of a bench swing. 

Yesterday Svea added a rope ladder.  Our girls like to climb.




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Oliver! August 12

8-16-2011 ~ Blog #401

(David & Joan)


The final two performances of Oliver! were the best of the bunch.  It was a lot of work and commitment for the girls and Joan, but they all loved it and want to do another production soon.  The next Tallmadge Dynamics try-outs are in October for a It's a Wonderful Life which will show in December.












Annika was a little distracted (read thoroughly distracted) with her untied shoelace during one of the songs.  We certainly noticed, and so did many other I'm sure since Anni was on the front of the stage.









Oliver! August 13


This was Nancy Wack's last show as producer.  She was one of the founding members of Tallmadge Dynamics and was the producer for 19 years.  She was honored with gifts, a cookie reception and a handshake from the mayor, Dave Kline.






"Consider yourself part of the furniture"







Svea, Brigitta and Annika enjoyed their last performance even more because their friends came to see them.






Happy Birthday Svea

8-8-2011 ~ Blog #400



Yesterday Svea turned twelve.  We visited pet shops, Metropolis Popcorn and had a fabulous Indian dinner at The Saffron Patch.










This Quad Battle Axe dragonfly was buzzing around our house yesterday.



Oliver! (Opening Night)


8-7-2011 ~ Blog #399



I can't recall the last time I was so delighted and proud.  Watching Brigitta, Annika and Svea, dressed as orphan boys, singing and going through the motions of "Food, Glorious Food" along with the orphan cast of Oliver! made me just giddy.  After Oliver Twist leaves the orphanage he ends up in Fagin's Gang; all three girls also played pickpockets.  Svea had an additional role as a rich city boy.  In the photos below Annika is the easiest to spot: she is the second shortest and as a pickpocket she sports a green vest.  As a pickpocket Brigitta wears a gray-front black-back vest and black scarf.  Svea is just about the only one with brown shoes.


This production really is an excellent and entertaining show.  I highly encourage anyone and everyone to attend next week's performances on Friday or Saturday nights at 7:30pm in the Tallmadge High School's theater.  Tickets are $9 for adults and $7 for children.


 Svea is 4th from the right.


Svea as a rich city boy.



Annika (in front) and Brigitta and Svea are just left of center in back.




"Consider Yourself" finale.  Brigitta on very left and Annika in the middle.  She is so easy to spot because she is so little!




Patty Bell, Julia and Theresa surprised the girls with flowers on opening night.







Annika greeting a fan and signing autographs.








Oliver! (2nd Show)

This time I took a few shots during the act:












Fagin and Fagin's Gang








 Svea, furthest on the left.   Brigitta is second from the right.





Nana, Papa, Kathy Kelly, Shy and Dave attended last night's performance.











Brigitta, Annika and Svea with Fagin (Tom Cirner) Above

and: "The Artful Dodger" (Jim Cirner) Below.




Over the next few weeks I'm going to spend quite a bit of time building walls, installing rafters, insulation, lighting and sheet rock on our cathedral ceiling/roof that will climb from eight feet to twelve, so I built a scaffold on castors.






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