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Girl Scout Bake Offs


Mogadore Reservoir Hike

Mogadore Reservoir East Hike

Swamp Hike with Kira and John

Group Shots with the Wilstermans

Mogadore Reservoir Wilsterman's Hike

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Swamp Hike with Kira and John

2-26-2012 ~ Blog #423



Svea often asks to hike in the swamp by Howe Road; today we did just that.  It was a beautiful day that melted most of yesterday's snow.  John used to play in this area 50 years ago when he was a child.  It is rumored that at age five he tromped about the swamp armed with a shotgun, cigarettes, whiskey while accompanied by his girlfriend.




Svea; delighted to finally be in the swamp.




Fallen logs helped us cross several brooks.



This dog never made it out of the swamp.






As a boy, John climbed this tree regularly.  It has since died and mostly fallen.




Group Shots with the Wilstermans










Mogadore Reservoir Wilsterman's Hike

2-26-2012 ~ Blog #422



Yesterday we hiked at Mogadore Reservoir West of 43.  The highlight of the day was when Annika accidentally swung out over the lake on a rope swing.  I saw that it was a distinct possibility that she might accidentally swing out over the lake when she used it to climb the opposite side of the tree.  I know the area well and knew the water is only two or three feet deep by the swing.  She was never in any real danger, but stood a very real chance of getting dunked on a cold winter day.  Kira was standing next to me; I felt she could get to Annika as quickly as I could, so I hesitated to go after Anni immediately.  I was recording her at the time; protective dad wanted to dash to her right away, but photographer dad wanted get get Kira rescuing her on film.  Those were my thoughts for a second, then I dropped the camera (on the neck strap) and ran down the hill just behind Kira.  Annika held tight long enough for Kira to save her as she dangled over the lake.  We have a climbing rope in our back yard; Annika can climb it and touch the 16 foot high branch that it is tied to.  So she probably could have held on for quite awhile, but it was still exciting for everyone involved.  Here's a movie clip of the action (1 minute - 46 MB).















Mogadore Reservoir East Hike

2-20-2012 ~ Blog #421


Today we went for another hike at Mogadore Reservoir; this time we took the East trail which is part of the Buckeye Trail.  It was a beautiful day and was much warmer than Saturday.












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Mogadore Reservoir Hike

2-18-2012 ~ Blog #420



After recoding our voices on helium, we went for a nice, but cold and windy walk at Mogadore Reservoir.






















2-12-2012 ~ Blog #419



Last weekend I went on a nice warmish, snow free 25 mile bike ride.  On Friday night it started to snow and it kept at it all day Saturday.  Today we went sledding for the first time this winter.  Four neighbor kids joined us at Munroe Park.














Annika was warming up at the fire pit.





These girls managed to ride down the hill while standing without falling again and again.







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Girl Scout Bake Offs

2-3-2012 ~ Blog #418


Annika and Brigitta participated in the Girl Scout Bake Off at IHM last week.  Brigitta's volcano won the cake decorating division for her age.  Last year Annika won the No Bake division for the  Daisies but IHM did not send the Daisies to the District Bake Off.  This year, IHM sent Annika in addition to this years' winner.   Annika took home 3rd place at the District Bake Off.  Brigitta was unable to go to the district event because of play practice.








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