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Happy 13th Birthday Svea

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The Birthday that Never Ends

The Birthday that Never Ends Part II

Tallmadge Light Parade

Quail Hollow

Dinner Fun

First Day of School




Quail Hollow

8-25-2012 ~ Blog #474

(David & Joan)


Last night we drove to Quail Hollow State Park for a picnic and hike.  We also visited the park's manor and gardens.  Joan spotted a "Bird's of Prey" sign on a wooden fence.  Between the cracks we could see: a Peregrine falcon, Red Tail hawks, Barred owl and a Screech owl.  Brigitta was going nuts with excitement.  We'll have to go back when it is open.  I got a shot of the birds while on my tippy-toes holding the camera over the fence.
















































Dinner Fun











First Day of School





So today Iím in the most urban area of my 33.5 mile ride where I cross a road to so that I can avoid my least favorite intersection. This puts my on a narrow sidewalk for 100 yards before I can turn off. Thereís a hedge to my left and four lanes of busy road to my right. All of a sudden huge flared wings and outstretched talons swoop in from my right and make contact with the bit of ground between the sidewalk and hedge. HAWK! I can see each gray feather is outlined in white. He must have been intent on a mouse, but I didnít see it. I get on the brakes; Iím certain we are about to collide. He has nowhere to go except where he came from which is back in front of me. Iím braking hard but Iím there in a second. His body makes it past my path and his wing beats down on my front tire. I hear the buzz from the tread of my road tire against the underside of his wing for an instant. For a brief moment I see this huge raptor wing between my aero bars and front wheel. On the next flap, only his wingtip ticks the tire. I yell, ďWHOA!Ē as he flies up and across the road. Heís fine, Iím fine, and somehow my heart rate monitor didnít explode.



Tallmadge Light Parade

8-19-2012 ~ Blog #473

(David & Joan)


Last night we marched (and drove) with Dynamics Theater in the Tallmadge Light Parade.  While most groups had floats with generators and lights, we really didn't have any prep time or materials.  I did spend an hour or so jerry-rigging a pair of plastic mirrors in front of the Mustang's headlights so that they could shine on disco balls suspended above.  I figured the light reflecting off the disco balls wouldn't create sharp distinct spots on the ground since the light source was the close, broad headlights instead of distant spot lights, but I figured it would be better than nothing.  It worked pretty much like I expected.



















The Birthday that Never Ends Part II

8-17-2012 ~ Blog #472

(David & Joan)


The Birthday that Never Ends Part II (Neighborhood Party)





























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The Birthday that Never Ends

8-16-2012 ~ Blog #471

(David & Joan)


Oh to be 13 and have a birthday that never ends...

















Campfire illuminated, f1.4 @ 1/50th second







The girls and a friend were working on a movie today





HONK Page 2

8-13-2012 ~ Blog #470

(David & Joan)

Our original HONK page contains 288 photos and was probably loading slowly, so I put the last 148 photos on this new page.


HONK! Sunday Picnic HONK!

Please visit this page for our dress rehearsal of HONK! HONK! Sunday Picnic HONK!



Saturday August 11th Show HONK!

Please visit this page for our dress rehearsal of HONK! Saturday August 11th Show HONK!



Friday August 10th Show

Please visit this page for our dress rehearsal of HONK! Friday August 10th Show




Erie Birthday Pho, Zoo & Presque Isle

8-8-2012 ~ Blog #470



Yesterday I snuck in an early bike ride then we drove up near Chagrin Falls to eat at Bowl of Pho.  There are no Vietnamese restaurants in the Akron area; how is this possible?  Joan and I figure we last ate Vietnamese food was in Colorado Springs 11 years ago.  The kids loved it.  Svea questioned why people talk so highly of ordinary places like Applebee's and Friday's when there are Thai, Indian and Vietnamese restaurants that have such amazing food.

After lunch we visited the Erie Zoo in Erie, Pennsylvania.  We were delighted with this zoo and especially enjoyed the baby orangutan, swinging Saimang Gibbon's with baby and large scale (G?) outdoor model train layout.

We then picked up some fried chicken, croissants and grapes and drove to Presque Isle on Lake Erie for a beach dinner picnic and surf play.














































































Fairy House

Annika and Joan built a fairy house in the backyard last week.




Happy 13th Birthday Svea

8-7-2012 ~ Blog #469



We celebrated Svea's 13th birthday yesterday, and then again today and we'll hit it a couple more times with parties in the next few days.  Yesterday we had our final rehearsal, so we kept it low key.  We saw Brave in the afternoon; the day ended with the cast of HONK! singing Happy Birthday to her.  Today we ate lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant (Bowl of Pho) in Chagrin Falls; it was awesome.  Then we visited the Erie Zoo in Erie, Pennsylvania and played and ate dinner at a Lake Erie beach on Presque Isle.  Photos to come; we got home at 10 PM.
















Final Rehearsal


View 60 photos on our HONK! page.




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HONK! Superswan Rehearsal

8-5-2012 ~ Blog #468



View 95 photos on our HONK! page.




HONK! Backstage Candids

8-5-2012 ~ Blog #467

(David & Joan)


View 27 backstage photos on our HONK! page.


Beneath Juliette

This is a plug for my brother-in-law's (John Wilsterman) e-book Beneath Juliette.  It's a great mystery-thriller for adults.  Note that you can sample the beginning of the book for free!  Here's a description:


Beneath Juliette is a gripping tale of crime, obsession and one man's search for the truth. It is a story of personal courage against monumental obstacles and of lost love.

Twenty years ago an obscure policeman in a small rural town dies under mysterious circumstances. Today a modern television reporter, Brendan Macbean, locally famous for his quirky human interest stories becomes obsessed with rooting out the truth. He runs afoul of a rich and powerful family who will use their ruthless methods to keep their secrets buried.

On this sweeping stage of human passion, a murderous villain appears, who seems to hold all the strange secrets hidden for all these years, but who now sits on death row for seemingly unrelated crimes. Macbean must make a pact with this vicious criminal and must convince him to tell all he knows before lethal injection silences him forever.

Battling against subterfuge, intimidation and extreme violence, Macbean uncovers one shocking revelation after another in his relentless quest to bring the truth to light.




HONK! Dress Rehearsal

8-1-2012 ~ Blog #466

(David & Joan)


Please visit this page for our dress rehearsal of HONK!  HONK! Dress Rehearsal




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Come see the entire Hall Family in HONK!

Fun for the whole flockÖer, family! bring the ducklings along!

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August 3, 4, 10, 11 at 7:30 pm

at the Tallmadge high school auditorium

call 330-217-1227 or email for ticket reservations. All seats reserved.

Reserve early for best seats!

Adults $9 Students/ducklings/seniors $7

HONK! "A Musical Tale of "The Ugly Duckling"

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The up-and-coming musical from England 



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