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Brigitta's Eighth Volleyball Game

Brigitta's Seventh Volleyball Game

Brigitta's Sixth Volleyball Game

Brigitta's Fifth Volleyball Game

Game Photos

Brigitta's Fourth Volleyball Game

Brigitta's Third Volleyball Game

Brigitta's Second Volleyball Game

Brigitta's First Volleyball Game

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Game 8 Highlights

Game 7 Highlights

Game 6 Highlights

Game 5 Highlights

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Brigitta's Eighth Game

5-5-2012 ~ Blog #449



The IHM 4th grade girls Coach Day Team lost their final game against St. Joes on Saturday.  The first match started with a five point lead with Brigitta serving.  IHM won the first match by a small margin and then pretty much got tromped in the second and third match.

Game 8 Highlights






























Brigitta's Seventh Game

4-28-2012 ~ Blog #444



Brigitta's team won their game against Holy Family today; it was a very close three match game, although IHM won the first match 21-11.  Brigitta was first up to serve and got her first four balls over the net.  Her fifth serve did not make it over, ending what I believe was a over-the-net-game-serve streak of 21.  Holy Family came back strong and beat the Mustang girls 21 to 18; it was a very exciting match.  The third match was a neck and neck nail biter ending with IHM pulling ahead at the end with a score of 15-12.


Game 7 Highlights

I shot the first match with my newly acquired antique "garage-sale" 135mm f2.8 prime manual focus lens. 

All exposures were at f2.8, 1/320, ISO 1600


















I shot the second and third matches with my newly acquired antique "garage-sale" 85mm f2 prime manual focus lens. 

All exposures were at f2.8, 1/320, ISO 1600













































Brigitta's Sixth Game

4-26-2012 ~ Blog #442


Brigitta's team won their game against Saint Barnabas today.  In the pre game warm ups Brigitta was serving the ball all over the place except over the net.  In the game, however, she was first up to serve and got all five balls over the net.  The Saint Barnabas team returned the first serve for a volley; the IHM girls turned that one into a point.  She aced the the next three balls and the last serve became a good volley that ended as a point for Saint Barnabas.  Nikki was next to serve and scored a five point run.  IHM won the match by a big margin.  Match two was much closer.  Brigitta had a five point serve, without a single returned ball.  With the score at 19-18 Britta was up to serve a third time; the first ball was an ace.  The last ball went over the net and was popped back over fast and low by Saint Barnabas but Nikki managed to get under it bumping it high and to the side where Taylor made the best save of the game, sending it back over for the game point.  Movie to come!


Game 6 Highlights
































Brigitta's Fifth Game


Brigitta had a banner day yesterday: she was the opening reader in the school Mass and she learned that she won the Cuyahoga Falls Arbor Day Poster Competition.  Today she got the only five point serve run in the volleyball game and also had a five serve run in the scrimmage, although her fifth serve was returned and did not earn IHM a point.  The girls lost against Saint Joseph's on their home court; it was a pretty even match-up but the St. Joe's girls played a better game today. 

Game 5 Highlights




Brigitta likes to psyche herself up before games by defying gravity for a few moments.










Brigitta started her serve run with the score down by two.



She ended her run with the score up by three.


















Brigitta's Fourth Game
4-16-2012 ~ Blog #439

 Brigitta's team played their fourth game this evening; they won both matches and the game against Seton.  Our team started off in serious trouble; the score fell to 9-0.  Brigitta managed to return a served ball for a point; the team then went on a serious roll and caught up on the score.  Nikki demoralized the other team with her powerful overhand serve that they just could not return.  Each time she was up Brigitta served the maximum allowed and also served the final IHM serves in both matches.  None of her serves were returned over the net.  In other words, she played very well.















Brigitta smiling after serving four-in-a-row.

















Brigitta smiling after serving four-in-a-row again.






If one team wins both matches, they play a scrimmage.












Brigitta's Third Game

4-14-2012 ~ Blog #438

This morning Brigitta's team played their third game; they won the first match but lost the next two.  All three matches against Saint Anthony were close; the Saint Anthony's team was very good at returning the ball.  Brigitta played very aggressively and had several good returns.  In the first game she served the maximum allowed five in a row in addition to the game point. 




























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Brigitta's Second Game

The IHM fourth grade Coach Day Team won the first two matches of their game against Holy Family at Saint Rita's in Solon yesterday.  Brigitta played very well and managed to get under the ball several times; her reaction time and aggressiveness is starting to show.  She bombed her first serves and then served five in a row, which is the maximum allowed for fourth graders this year.













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Brigitta's First Volleyball Game
3-31-2012 ~ Blog #431
Brigitta's team had their first game today; they won all matches against Saint Barnabas.  Brigitta played and served well. 


Brigitta has this game face every time she serves the ball.














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