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Salt Fork Wednesday

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Svea's and Brigitta's Yearbook Movies

Julia's & Ryan's Wedding

Artic Wikle Drops By

IHM Mustang 5K

Little Sister Commercial

IHM Volleyball Game 1

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Volleyball Game 3

Volleyball Game 4

Brigitta Wins the High Jump!

Three Foot Ten on the Wrong Foot

Track Meet 3

Track Meet 4


Track Meet 4

4-28-2013 ~ Blog #525



Click Here



Little Sister Commercial


Brigitta and a classmate filmed a persuasive commercial for their fifth grade English class.  Here it is.

(1.5 minutes - 86 MB)



Game 4

(IHM VS St. Vincent @ St. Patrick)


4-24-2013 ~ Blog #524

Click this link for the game 4 photoblog.


Game 3
(IHM VS St. Rita @ St. Patrick)

4-21-2013 ~ Blog #522


Click this link for the game 3 photoblog.


Meet 3
University of Akron

4-21-2013 ~ Blog #523


Click this link for the meet 3 photoblog.



IHM Mustang 5K

4-20-2013 ~ Blog # 521



Today IHM hosted its first annual IHM Mustang 5K.  Despite the fact that it was snowing and windy, it was a huge success.  There were about 800 participants and we apparently exceeded the fundraising goal.  I'd like to give a big thank you to the 5K committee that has worked since September to make this happen.  The proceeds of this fundraiser will be used to upgrade technology at IHM.  As the technology teacher I can attest that a major upgrade is greatly needed.  Our students deserve and need modern technology.



This crazy bird was sitting on its nest in a parking lot.









Although I ran track in junior high and cross county all through high school and even ran regularly through my college years just to keep in shape, I have concluded that I am not a runner.  Running hurts my knees.  I would rather: bike 30 miles, cross country ski 10 miles or even paddle or row three miles than run three.  It was, however, quite a bit of fun to run amongst such a mass of people, especially the students and families of my school community.  For the record, I think I finished in 33:02 and maintained a heart rate of 165-171 through the entire run.



Svea and Brigitta ran and walked, but were just a couple minutes behind me.





The winners



And then the sun came out...



Three Foot Ten on the Wrong Foot

4-14-2013 ~ Blog # 520



See photos from Brigitta's track meet on this page.




Julia's & Ryan's Wedding

4-12-2013 ~ Blog # 520



My cousin Julia married Ryan Syroid last evening in a beautiful ceremony at St. Augustine's Church in Barberton.  The girls were actually invited which was quite thrilling to them since they haven't gone to too many weddings in the past.  Ryan and Julia make a very sweet couple.  It was great for the cousins to see each other and they had fun playing and dancing.  All ten of my mom's nieces and nephews (children of her brother Gerard) were able to attend four of whom came from far away.  There is a great photo of them posing with "Aunt Hat".
















































IHM Volleyball Game 2



Artic Wikle Drops By


It's not very often that old friends from Alaska drop by. Thursday Artic Wikle posted that he was at Summit Racing; we dialoged and less than an hour later Artic and his friends were in my driveway. We determined that it's been about 10 years since we saw each other last. It was a great visit. Artic looks exactly the same!




Svea's and Brigitta's Yearbook Movies

4-8-2013 ~ Blog # 519



In technology class fourth through eighth grade students had to create "Six Characters and Afflictions" movies.  Each grade level nominated and voted on six characters (that would be easy to costume) who would star in their personal DVD Yearbook Movies.  Each of the characters had to have a ridiculous "affliction" that was also nominated and voted on by the grade level.  Each student had to plan, film and edit their own 1.5 to three minute movie.  Svea's 7th grade class selected their characters to be: Hobo, Ninja, Nerd, Model, Hippy and Fast Food Worker.  Their afflictions are: always slowing spinning, soaking wet, mouth always full of whipped cream, can only say, “Meep!”, always hurt & thinks it’s really cold.  Two weeks ago our family dressed in costumes and filmed a backwards movie in downtown Cuyahoga Falls at the pedestrian mall.


Svea's Yearbook Movie

1080p MP4 ~ Apr 2013 ~ 2.5 minutes - 148 MB



Brigitta's class selected their characters to be: Alien, Baby, Mime, Police Officer, Prisoner and Super Hero.  The afflictions they chose were: jelly legs, random rock-out head banger, spitting water, marshmallows in cheeks, super-clenched everything (Mr. Constipated), and thumb sucker. 


Brigitta's Yearbook Movie

1080p MP4 ~ Apr 2013 ~ 3 minutes - 170 MB



Four More Movies

Today I uploaded four more movies.  Look for them on our movie page.




Brigitta Wins the High Jump!

4-7-2013 ~ Blog # 518



Brigitta had her first track meet today.  The weather has been terrible and so far at practices the team has had absolutely no training in field events.  We signed Brigitta up for the 100, high jump and long jump.  The jumps really require technique training, especially the high jump.  The Fosbury Flop is not intuitive or natural and requires a great deal of practice.  So, before we left for Salt Fork I pulled out the bounce house, flipped up upside down, staked it to the ground and we pretended like it was a high jump pit.  It worked pretty well I must say.  When I was in the fourth grade I learned how to high jump, but went with the long jump and the sprints.  I dug deep into my memory of 38 years ago to recall what Coach Carson and Coach Schultz had taught me about how to perform the Fosbury Flop.  Brigitta and I practiced a couple dozen times last week and then again a bit yesterday.





At the meet an IHM alumni gave the jumpers their first real training.  Brigitta was the only 5th/6th grade IHM girl high jumper.



Not exactly the Fosbury Flop, but an effective enough technique for a newbie.











Holy Family had bunch of jumpers; it seemed that they had at least half of the participants.  They ran the 5th and 6th grade boys and girls together. 

Brigitta was the last girl remaining, so we are pretty sure she won.  She was disappointed that two or three sixth grade boys jumped higher. 

I was just happy to see her place let alone win.




Brigitta was one of the last at the long jump pit; the high jump took almost an hour.  I have no idea how she did in the long jump. 

Results will be posted online.  They appear to be inputting one school at a time.  Results are here.







Brigitta spent most of her free time on these bars; pull ups, chin ups, climbing hanging...




Not quite as strong in the 100.  She runs sprints like a distance runner with long slower strides. 

We will work on that and see if she takes after her father.







This kid is one to watch; look at that lead!






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IHM Volleyball Game 1

(IHM VS St. Matthew @ Holy Family)

4-6-2013 ~ Blog # 517


Follow this link for photos of today's game: IHM Volleyball Game 1





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Salt Fork Wednesday

(Hiking & Swimming)

4-5-2013 ~ Blog # 516



On Wednesday we drove to Salt Fork State Park for a stay at the lodge.  We hiked Morgan's Knob and swam in the pool.



















Salt Fork Thursday

(Archery, Swimming & Marietta)


We brought our archery equipment so that we could shoot at the 12 target walk through range.










Svea took both of these photos, note that she captured our arrows in the air!








We took a little day trip to Marietta.




And we walked over the Ohio River over to West Virginia and back and then ate at The Gun Room restaurant in the Lafayette Hotel.




Salt Fork Friday

(Swimming & Archery)










Brigitta got the only dead center bull's-eye.





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