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IHM 6th Grade Girls Volleyball

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Match 11

(IHM 1, St. Paul 2)

5-15-2014 ~ Blog # 625

(David & Joan)


This was such an exciting match.  St. Paul took an immediate large lead in the first game.  IHM caught up and eventually won 28-26.  The second game was even a greater disaster in the beginning.  St. Paul took a 10-0 lead in the beginning and it continued to 22-9.  At this point IHM could only give up three points but would need to gain 13 just to catch up.  The IHM girls just about caught up but St. Paul won the game 25-23.  St. Paul won the third game 15-5.



































































Match 10

(IHM 2, Holy Family 1)

5-10-2014 ~ Blog # 622

(David & Joan)


Having easily won the first tournament match, they struggled a bit more in the second falling behind and having to play catch-up.  But they did it; they didn't get discouraged, they got more determined.  The match had to go to the tie breaker game which IHM won.  They girls were both stunned and elated at this victory.  Their next game is at the end of the week.
































Match 9

(IHM 2, Saints Peter and Paul 0)

5-10-2014 ~ Blog # 621



A different IHM team showed up to play the first of the volleyball championship games last weekend.  Brigitta's team in some of the regular season matches often looked unfocused and unprepared.  This team, on this day was completely different.  This team was on fire.  It seemed like all serves went in, teammates were there to help when needed and overall play was up a notch. The girls played amazingly well in the first match, winning in two game with the identical score of 25-15.  This advanced them to a second match that same day. 






















Match 8

(IHM 2, Seton 0)

5-1-2014 ~ Blog # 618

(David & Joan)































Match 7

(IHM 1, Saint Barnabas 2)

5-1-2014 ~ Blog # 616



Saint Barnabas won the first game 25-16, IHM won the second 25-23 and Saint Barnabas won the final game 15-8.  All photos were taken by Joan; David, Annika and Svea were at track practice.  Note the new uniforms!  It's about time; 3/4 of the season is over.
































Match 6

(IHM 2, Saint Francis DeSales 0)

4-25-2014 ~ Blog # 614



IHM won the first game by a wide margin, but the second one was a nail biter.  Everyone played well.  Brigitta served the last string of points in the first game.  The Saint Vincent gym has the worst light yet.


















Match 5

(IHM 0, Saint Joseph's 2)

4-22-2014 ~ Blog # 611


Only seven IHM girls played in yesterday's match.  Most of them seemed a bit off.  The first game was close; the second game not-so-much.

























Match 4

(IHM 2, Saint Rita 1)

4-15-2014 ~ Blog # 609



 The IHM girls played very well against an equally matched team.  All three games were very close and there were a few great volleys.

The lighting at Saint Anthony's is pretty dim.  At ISO 3200 and f 2.8 I was underexposing at 1/400 second.  I also accidentally left the camera in JPEG mode after Sunday's track meet.  I realized this after the first game today.











































Match 3

(IHM 0, Holy Family 2)

4-12-2014 ~ Blog # 607



Brigitta played well.  The IHM girls played well, but Holy Family played better.  Joan was ill and stayed home; Svea took 11 of the photos below with the D3100 and the old manual 85mm f2.0.
















































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Match 2

(IHM 2, Saint Patrick's 0)

4-9-2014 ~ Blog # 606



They won again.  Erin, Taylor and Madison played especially well.



* Disclaimer: Photography talk; don't bother reading unless you are into cameras and lenses. 

My primary camera is a Nikon D200, which is an advanced model that came out in 2005.  I chose this camera because it is made to work with old lenses as well as new.  The main sports lens I use is a 1995 Nikon 80-200mm f2.8; it was the first f2.8 autofocus zoom ever made.  It's pretty slow focusing, but offers that shallow depth of field look and faster shutter speeds that you only get at f2.8.  Indoors I've got to turn the ISO up as high as it will go, and I'll only get shutter speeds around 1/400.  Together, they just get the job done.

Our other DSLR is a Nikon D3100, which is an entry level model that came out in 2010.  Although it's a basic camera, the fact that it's newer means that it's sensor can operate at a higher ISO with less noise and shoots at a bit higher megapixels.  This camera will only autofocus with newer G series lenses that have built in focus motors.  The only "fast" G-series lens that we have is a 35 f1.8, which is a great lens but is way too wide for most sports photography.  Old film era lenses will attach, but the D3100 doesn't recognize them.  In most modes it gives a warning: "! Lens not attached" and provides no metering.  In manual modes, however, the shutter will actuate at the chosen shutter speed.  Aperture can be controlled directly on the lens and of course old manual focus lenses can still focus manually.  Through guessing at exposure and checking then adjusting, the D3100 can effectively shoot old film lenses.  During the last two volleyball games Joan has used the D3100 and my old film era (early 1980's) 135mm f2.8 and 85mm f2.0 lenses.  She's gotten many amazingly sharp shots.  Some of the better shots below were captured with the D3100 shooting at a higher shutter speed than the D200 and they do not suffer and much from noise and noise correction.   
























































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Match 1

(IHM 2, Seton 0)

4-5-2014 ~ Blog # 604



The girls played Seton today and won the first two games.  The second game was very close.













































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